UAV Inspection / Surveying


Professional UAV Surveying/Inspection

Surveying is usually an expensive, labour and equipment intense task. We can eliminate the need for much of this with our aerial surveying and inspection services. For agriculture, structural, construction and roof inspection services we can offer photogrammetry with detailed 2D/3D/Elevation/Measurements (3D and Volumetric).

UAV Inspection

DDG Groundworks have vast knowledge and tons of experience in aerial inspection services. From roof inspection to complex lattice structures we can provide high quality imagery and/or UHD video of your assets safely, quickly and cost effectively.

UAV Surveying

For more accurate, faster, safer and cheaper surveying UAV’s are leading the march of technology. Using a distinctly hands off approach, UAV’s capture not hundreds or thousands of data points, but millions per survey. With modern image processing, we can accurately measure stockpiles, excavations, elevations and more.

Other Services DDG Groundworks can offer to you

  • Equestrian Groundworks
  • Stable and Field Shelter Bases
  • Riding Arenas
  • Track, Footpaths and Bridle Ways
  • Parking and Car Parks
  • Drop Curbs
  • Tarmacing
  • Garage/Shed/Conservatory Bases
  • All Aspects of Concreting
  • Screeding

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